• Self-motivated – makes sure to accomplish everything and pushes to above and beyond. Achieves straight A’s.
  • Determined leader – skills include delegating, public speaking, and working in teams.  Holding a position as state officer for DECA and president of Embody Love Club exercises these skills.
  • Calculated planner – plans things out in advance and is consistently on top of assignments/duties.
  • Guest focused – puts the customer first, making sure customers are satisfied with what they are receiving. When working with Oregon Cookies made sure partnering business owners were getting the best deal, and were happy with what they were receiving.
  • Social media guru – educated in many social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. In charge of Crater High Schools social media, Crater DECA’s social media, and Oregon Cookies social media






Short Term Goals (High school)

  • My goal is to graduate with a 3.90 GPA. To achieve this goal, I will study after school for each one of my classes, and go over what I have learned to be prepared for tests.
  • I will work as hard as and do as well as I can in to study for SCDC, and be satisfied with my end results, whatever they may be, because I worked as hard as I could to do my best. I will study marketing terms and use Competition University weekly, as well as work with my role-play partner at least twice a week to prepare.

Intermediate Term Goals (College Years)

  • Whether I go to Aveda, or Portland State, I will work hard to get a good GPA, and further my knowledge in what I am studying, by making connections and doing outside work to help me succeed.
  • During college I would like to obtain a good job that not only will help me save money, and pay for college, but as well help further my career in whatever I am studying to do.

Long Term Goals

  • I hope to have a successful career that involves the fashion industry, either in graphic design or hair and makeup. I plan to network as much as I can and have an impressive portfolio to share with potential jobs in order to achieve this goal.
  • I hope to be able to travel for my career, but still have Oregon be my home. With having a job in cosmetology it would allow me to travel. I will need to network and work hard to market myself to the world of fashion.