A Long Lesson Learned


Mouth ulcers, swelled gums, swollen eyes, significant weight loss, and constantly having a cold, would sum up my four years of high school. All of these things have happened due to stress, and I take full responsibility for all the stress. I made it my goal to make a difference in high school and leave my mark. Not coming home till 8pm from school, staying up till midnight working on extra projects, and spending my days off working on multiple projects; I believe I accomplished that.

My freshmen year I spent in an abusive relationship, when I finally grew strength to get out of it, I lost all my friends and spent my lunches and breaks alone. I stopped eating, and had to go to counseling for many months. After counseling I became much stronger and realized that I need to focus on doing things for myself and doing my best to be the best, and not let others bring me down. I joined every club that I could, maintained my 4.0 GPA, and ran for student board. I was very involved which helped distract me from the negative things going on in my life.


The next three years went by a lot faster. I was involved in many clubs, I was in honor society, became president of student government, a state officer for Oregon DECA, and even started a new club at school called Embody Love Club. The goal of Embody Love Club is to help girls learn how to be nicer to themselves and to others through workshops and yoga.  My personal goal for starting this club was to get girls from all three schools involved and so far things are going very well. I spent any extra time I had doing projects and errands for teachers. I spent lunches working in the C-Mart, I created t-shirts for He-Man, and am currently working on painting a mural for BIS. I worked at several He-Man, Powder Puff, basketball games and more. I played for the Crater volleyball team for 2 years and have played for the golf team for 3 years.


Outside of school, I work at my church doing childcare on week nights, babysit most weekends, and have a part-time job at Oregon Cookies. I try to save as much money as I can, but I have to spend a lot on gas, school activities, and trips for the clubs I am a part of. I am raised by my amazing mother, who supports me in all ways possible. My parents got a divorce when I was two and my father has been absent from my life. My senior year, my grandma died unexpectedly from a cancer that was discovered 4 months before her death. My grandma was one of my biggest supporters and helped me financially with all the trips and activities at school. She also supported me with family issues, I was often the target in my family for causing drama and my father was not supportive at all. She always had my back and would force my father to see me and make him do certain things, all of which I did not know until I got older. It was one of the hardest things I have had to deal with, losing her.


The four years I spent at Crater, I made sure to not waste my time. It was often lonely and rough but I had a lot to fight for and amazing support not only from my family but from my teachers as well, who pushed me to go above and beyond. With keeping myself so busy, it distracted me from not having very many friends, and a lot of drama going on in my family. My mother has two brothers that I am very close too and within this last year both of them have gotten divorces that have affected my family majorly. Due to the divorces I won’t have contact with my four cousins anymore, and this is causing a lot of pain in my family.  With all the struggles thought-out high school it has pushed me to work as hard as I can to get straight A’s, be involved in school activities, the community, have a part job and to work even harder after school to get a good career and help support my mother, and be the first student in my family to graduate from college.


I discovered my passion for graphic design my senior year, after taking my 5th class of digital design (all classes were different types of classes). Something clicked in my head where I realized that I spent a lot of time creating things just for fun and for other people. I have then decided to attend Portland State and major in graphic design, to follow my passion and do something I love. My dream goal would be to attend the Art Institute of Portland for graphic design but the cost of going there is much more than I can afford on my own. So that’s why I am looking into attending Portland State. I would be blessed to be able to attend either. Finding a career in something I can be proud of and support my family is my main goal. I also want to show all the people who didn’t believe in me or gave up on me that it was a big mistake!