A Long Lesson Learned - Crater Foundation Essay


Mouth ulcers, swelled gums, swollen eyes, significant weight loss, and constantly having a cold, would sum up my four years of high school. All of these things have happened due to stress, and I take full responsibility for all the stress. I made it my goal to make a difference in high school and leave my mark. Not coming home till 8pm from school, staying up till midnight working on extra projects, and spending my days off working on multiple projects; I believe I accomplished that.


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I plan on attending Portland State University. It is located in the middle of Portland, Oregon. “Portland States mission is to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and economic qualities of urban life by providing access throughout the life span to a quality liberal education for undergraduates and an appropriate array of professional and graduate programs especially relevant to metropolitan areas.”
’s City of Books is also located in Portland which is famous for how huge it is, it contains more than 1.5 million books.


The student to teacher ratio is 21 to 1
There are students enrolled from over 84 countries
61% students are full time




Portland State academic admissions requirements:

3.0 GPA or higher
There is no requirement for SAT scores, unless GPA is lower than a 3.0
The average SAT scores of students who apply and are accepted range from 450-590 for critical reading and 450-570 for math


High school course work requirements:

4 years of English
2 years of foreign language
1 year of history
3 years of math
2 years of science
2 years of social studies


Undergraduate Program

I plan to attend the art undergraduate program at Portland State, where I will be pre-admitted to the School of Art and Design for three years and then be admitted my fourth year depending on class standing.  I then plan to major in graphic design and get my Bachelor of Arts degree. It will take four years to get my Bachelor of Arts with a focus of graphic design.
12 credits in Arts & Letters
4 credits in Sciences/Math
8 credits in Social Sciences/Sciences/Math
2 years in Foreign Language (ASL)
96 credits in arts



Tuition and Living Expenses


Tuition - $7,794 for both on campus and off campus
Average cost of books and supplies - $2,028
Average cost of housing – $7,695 (single dorm) $6,000 (apartment)
Average cost of food - $3,000
Estimated personal and transportation cost- $3,066

Federal Student Loans

Unsubsidized Loans are loans that are available to both undergraduate and graduate students and you are responsible for paying the interest on the loan. The maximum amount available at Portland State is for dependent: $5,500 for freshmen, $6,500 for sophomore and $7,500 for juniors and seniors. For independent, $9,500 for freshmen, $10,500 for sophomore, and $12,500 for juniors and seniors.


Subsidized Loans are loans that are available to undergraduate students, and the  U.S Department of Education pays the interest.  The maximum amount available at Portland State is $3,500 freshmen year, $4,500 sophomore year, and $5,500 both junior and senior year. The interest rate is fixed at 3.86%.


Over four years of collage my estimated cost for school will be a total of $57,996. Taking out a student loan to pay for collage will help me greatly, especially with only being able to have a part time job during my collage years, and with also having to pay for food, transportation and other necessities. With furthering my education I will make an extremely higher amount of money that if just having my high school diploma, therefor being able to pay off my loans easier. Being a language pathologist making an average of $44,150 over a 30 year period a total of $1,324,500, if I was to only have a high school diploma and not further my education I  would make an average of $28,000 a year, and $840,000 over a 30 year period. That is a $484,500 difference.




After Portland State

Aveda School of Cosmetology

After attending Portland State, I plan on attending Aveda School of Cosmetology to get my cosmetology license which will certify me in: hair, nail, and esthiology. I will hopefully be able to get a job working for a theater company.
Total hours 2,300
Total cost: $20,700