Graphic Design & Cosmetology


With having a degree in graphic design and a license in cosmetology there is a lot of different routes I could take for a career.
I could work at a salon or for a theater company with my cosmetology license or I could work for a branding company, helping new companies identify their brand and logo with my bachelor of arts.
According to Bureau of Labor Statics, graphic design median annual wages in May 2012 were around $44,150 and the percent change in employment is projected to go up by 11%.water


Some requirements for a career in Graphic Design

  • Highly creative
  • Portfolio
  • Presentation skills
  • Skilled in design programs
  • Time-Management
  • Ability to interpret customers’ needs and wants


For cosmetology the median hourly wage for May 2012 was $10.95 and the percent change in employment is projected to go up by 13%.




Some requirements for a career in cosmetology:

  • State license

  • Experienced

  • Highly creative

  • Good customer service

  • Time-management skills

  • Expertise with beauty techniques

  • Physical stamina




Types of jobs


Performing Arts Companies – Hourly mean wage: $34.89

I hope to work with either with performing art companies, or with motion picture industries. Both of these industries are difficult to enter, but with my determination, a Bachelor of Arts and a license of cosmetology from Aveda, I believe would give me a competitive edge to help me obtain these careers.

Motion Picture – Hourly mean wage: $42.31

Being a cinematic artist is a very big job, with having a huge role in the overall look of a movie, or play. They work closely with directors, and production teams as well as actors. Skills with shadows and lighting are necessary in the line of work, as well as being able to transform a face into a piece of artwork. Other skills needed for this career include but are not limited to: Administration and management, communication, creativity, interpersonal skills, perception, and up-to-date knowledge.


Graphic Designer - Hourly mean wage: $21.22

With having a job in graphic design, there are several different routes. Graphic designers have the option of working with big companies or small business. The can work on new T-shirt designs, and website designs or even creating a brand new logo for a business. A graphic designer usually works closely to the marketing team, to have shared vision.




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Letter to an Expert


Jennifer Pickerill
352 North First Street
Central Point, OR 97502
(541) 727-1341


December 11, 2014


Crystal Blackmore


Dear Mrs. Blackmore:

I am currently a senior in Crater School of BIS, and have a really big interest in graphic design. Mike Rogan and Kendra Marineau told me that you’re the person I need to talk to. Mr. Rogan said you graduated with a major in graphic design and that the things you created are incredible.
I’ve been taking art classes for a while and this year something clicked, and I fell in love with creating things on Adobe Illustrator. I spend a lot of time working on projects, and it’s very meditating. I would love to be able to have people come to me with ideas and I could make those ideas happen. I am a very fast learner, and love to help others, especially with creating things.

I am wondering how your experience during college and the careers that were available to you after college focusing on graphic design. Did it make you fall more in love, or out of love, and how was it to find jobs that needed your skills?  I also would love to hear any advice you would have for a potential graphic design student. I have been looking into the Art Institute of Portland because they seem to have a pretty good graphic design program, but they are very expensive school.

I would love to hear any advice or thoughts you have, and I have many questions I would like to ask. You can contact me via email, at: or via phone: (541) 326-2611. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.




Jennifer Pickerill